Market Competitiveness in the Global Textile Supply Chain: Examination of Supply Chain Configurations

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Title: Market Competitiveness in the Global Textile Supply Chain: Examination of Supply Chain Configurations
Author: Nowell, Candace Hope
Advisors: Dr. George Hodge, Committee Co-Chair
Abstract: This research study is one portion of a three-part study on economic competitiveness in the global textile and apparel industries. The purpose of this research was to determine why U.S. manufacturers are losing market share in the areas being sourced by U.S. retailers, and to determine the supply chain structures and performance measures being used by U.S. manufacturers, global manufacturers, U.S. retailers, and sourcing agents in the bottom weight and bedbath markets. The study's results were intended to provide the U.S. with a benchmark of how their supply chain should be configured, as well as the metrics to be used along the chain in order to be more competitive in a global environment. Stock, Greis, and Kasarda's (1999) conceptual model from their "Logistics, Strategy, and Structure" study was used as a framework for this study. The sample consisted of 18 companies with the participation of 33 respondents from manufacturers and retailers of both markets, as well as sourcing agents and auxiliary companies. A survey questionnaire was used to interview company representatives via face-to-face interviews or phone conferences. Results were separated into eight groups depending on the company business sector and market. The responses pertaining to each research objective were compared among each group and analyzed. Results identified they key areas that U.S. textile manufacturers need to improve in order to gain market share. The results also identified the measures to be used to measure the performance of a supply chain and the dominant supply chain structures being used among each business sector. Finally, a benchmark supply chain model was designed from how research suggested that U.S. textile manufacturers could compete in the global market.
Date: 2006-05-12
Degree: MS
Discipline: Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management

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