The Impact of Work Context on the Prediction of Job Performance

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Title: The Impact of Work Context on the Prediction of Job Performance
Author: Poncheri, Reanna Maureen
Advisors: Mark A. Wilson, Committee Chair
S. Bartholomew Craig, Committee Member
Samuel B. Pond, Committee Member
Abstract: Although it is widely accepted that individual behavior is determined by person and situation characteristics, much research in the domain of job performance focuses more on person variables, while focusing less on the role of the work context. This study shows that elements of the work context (i.e., job/task characteristics, resources, and social relationships) explain variance in self ratings of task performance, organizational citizenship behavior, and counterproductive work behavior above and beyond what can be explained by two individual difference predictors (i.e., general cognitive ability and conscientiousness). This study highlights the importance of considering both individual differences and elements of the work context as determinants of job performance.
Date: 2006-04-26
Degree: MS
Discipline: Psychology

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