Source Driven MPLS Multicast

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Title: Source Driven MPLS Multicast
Author: Kim, Sangmin
Advisors: Khaled Harfoush, Committee Member
Rudra Dutta, Committee Co-Chair
Arne Nilsson, Committee Chair
Abstract: As demands for multimedia service grow, the functionality of multicasting is more important. With multicast we can reduce resource consumption and the load on a server. The saved resources and computing power can be used for other purpose. A new multicast protocol, so called Source Driven MPLS Multicast (SDMM) is suggested as an alternative in this paper. This protocol utilizes the IP option header for multicast group management and the MPLS technology for multicast tree building and packet forwarding vehicle. Since multicast group management is done by the server itself unlike IP multicast, the server can control overall multicast tree. Other benefit from SDMM is that its group management is more flexible than IP multicast because multicast address in SDMM protocol is arbitrary assigned by the server and the number of the address is multiple for a service. With these properties in SDMM, the server can directly control the dynamically changing service request, and satisfy the diverse demand from different service group.
Date: 2003-07-24
Degree: MS
Discipline: Computer Science

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