Copenhagen: A Brechtian Play

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Title: Copenhagen: A Brechtian Play
Author: Crowdus, Cynthia Marie
Advisors: Christopher Cobb, Committee Member
Nick Halpern, Committee Member
Patricia Lynne, Committee Chair
Abstract: The purpose of this essay is to indicate the Brechtian elements of Michael Frayn's Copenhagen. Copenhagen, thus far, has been considered in relation to an emerging genre of the science play. This essay departs from other scholarship in that it shows the ways that Copenhagen works in the Brechtian mode, which is far from new. This essay offers an examination of Frayn's methodology in relation to Brecht's. Frayn's play is both episodic and non-cathartic. It also uses stage design and acting techniques to further the themes of the play. It uses the technique of integrating form and content. Furthermore, it employs the alienation technique. This essay also shows the ways in which the goals of Brechtian theatre were accomplished through Copenhagen. Frayn's play is didactic. It offers a moral and intends to create an actively engaged and critically aware audience. It teaches in the way that Brecht would have the theatre instruct. In addition, this essay offers evidence of accomplishing results. It notes the reactions from literary scholars, scientists, historians, and others.
Date: 2003-08-19
Degree: MA
Discipline: English

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