The Economic Impact of the 2000 NC State Football Season on Wake County, NC

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Title: The Economic Impact of the 2000 NC State Football Season on Wake County, NC
Author: Pearson, Bryant
Advisors: Michael A. Kanters, Chair
Phillip S. Rea, Member
Larry D. Gustke, Member
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to objectively assess the economic impact of the 2000 NC State football season on Wake County. Data were collected from several sources to yield an accurate assessment of the economic impact of NC State football on its host community. These sources included: 1) visitor travel and expenditure data, 2) NC State football expenditure data, and 3) relevant data from Wake County. Visitor data were obtained by using two separate samples and surveys. A 20-item questionnaire was mailed to 1,000 randomly selected 2000 NC State football season ticket holders that reside outside of Wake County. In a separate convenience sample, another 1,200 subjects were administered a 12-itmem questionnaire at the Duke game on November 11, 2000. SPSS was then used to generate frequency distributions and summary statistics for the visitors in both samples. NC State football data were supplied by the NC State Athletics Department, and relevant Wake County data were retrieved from several different sources. The economic impact model used in this study (LOCI- Local Area Impact Model) used both local level data and input-output methods to determine the direct, indirect, and induced effects of the 2000 NC State football season on employment, income, and retail activity in Wake County. The multipliers used in this study were derived from input-output analysis of Wake County's economy using IMPLAN Pro4, and the local level data consisted of the aforementioned visitor data, NC State football data, and relevant Wake County data. The results of the study indicated that the 2000 NC State football season generated 86 new jobs, $2,894,290 of new income, $9,096,507 of new retail spending, and $1,821,707 of new service purchases in Wake County.
Date: 2001-09-15
Degree: MS
Discipline: Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management

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