A Web Services Based System for Parsing and Managing Calls for Papers

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Title: A Web Services Based System for Parsing and Managing Calls for Papers
Author: Jain, Neha
Advisors: Peter R Wurman, Committee Chair
Munindar P Singh, Committee Member
James Lester, Committee Member
Abstract: Academic and industrial conference organizers invite members of academia and industry over e-mails containing Calls for Papers(CFPs). These invites are manually typed e-mails and do not follow a standard template. Currently, there does not exist any simple way of systematically condensing the conference data available from these e-mails. Hence, organizing all the CFPs and extracting each conference information from the e-mails involves manual parsing for key data fields such as event URL, submission deadlines, updates and so on. Also, the conference organizers have to maintain conference web pages and e-mail address lists to send the calls for papers, updates and reminders. To simplify this tedious manual task, a system with automated data orchestration has been proposed. The system comprises of two key components. The first component, CeParse, is a parser with a pattern matching component that accesses CFP e-mails on the mail server, parses them and extracts the CFP data. This data is then forwarded to the second component,CReWS. CReWS is a Web service oriented central repository that accepts and displays the CFP data. This integrated system thereby eliminates the repeated manual overhead of parsing and updating the conference CFP data. Data from the repository is available for public viewing via a graphical interface with capabilities of sorting, searching and providing RSS feeds. This implementation offers a loosely coupled service oriented architecture which can serve to the advantage of operating with other software systems.
Date: 2006-04-17
Degree: MS
Discipline: Computer Science
URI: http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/resolver/1840.16/2911

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