Non-Chemical Insecticidal Textiles

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Title: Non-Chemical Insecticidal Textiles
Author: Collins, Lynda E.
Advisors: Dr. William Oxenham, Committee Member
Prof. Nancy B Powell, Committee Member
Dr. Marian G McCord, Committee Co-Chair
Dr. Behnam Pourdeyhimi, Committee Chair
Abstract: Mosquito-borne malaria threatens 40% of the world's population, killing at least one million people each year. Efforts to control mosquito populations with chemicals and habitat elimination are often beyond the means of many nations. In addition, both mosquitoes and the diseases they carry are becoming resistant to common chemical and medical interventions. In most cases vaccines are not available. Novel insecticidal textiles were created by binding safe, food-grade diatomaceous earth to fabrics with three different structures including: a 100% polypropylene 200 holes per inch mosquito netting, a 100% cotton terry cloth, and a knit fabric of unknown fiber content with an unusual texture on one side similar to a shag carpet. Mortality in mosquitoes of 86.1% was seen 24 hours after the initial exposure of 15 minutes to the mosquito netting loaded with 98.5 gm DE⁄g fabric. No significant difference in mortality was seen between the different fabric structures. The mechanical nature of the killing mechanism should exclude cross resistance that has developed from the use of chemical insecticides.
Date: 2008-03-26
Degree: MS
Discipline: Textiles

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