Statistical Studies of Genomics Data

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Title: Statistical Studies of Genomics Data
Author: Feng, Sheng
Advisors: Zhao-Bang Zeng, Committee Chair
Bruce Weir, Committee Co-Chair
Leonard Stefanski, Committee Member
Hao Helen Zhang, Committee Member
Russell Wolfinger, Committee Member
Abstract: In recent years, studies on Genetics and Genomics have become one of the most active fields in science. The Genetic and Genomics data have several significant and unique characteristics that bring great challenges for data analysis. Three statistical studies have been presented in this dissertation. In chapter 1, an empirical Bayesian approach has been developed in a linear mixed model for Microarray data analysis. In chapter 2, a multiple order Markov chain model is applied to summarize the local correlation patterns among multiple genetic markers in linkage disequilibrium mapping. In chapter 3, a shrinkage method is being developed to integrate Biological prior knowledge presented in moment statistics. This new method may be useful in some genetic network studies.
Date: 2004-12-28
Degree: PhD
Discipline: Statistics

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