Interpolation Methods for the Bayer Color Array

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Title: Interpolation Methods for the Bayer Color Array
Author: Ramanath, Rajeev
Advisors: Dr. Wesley E. Snyder, Chair
Dr. Griff L. Bilbro, Member
Dr. Richard T. Kuehn, Member
Dr. Paul F. Hemler, Member
Abstract: Digital still color cameras working on single CCD-based systems have a mosaicked mask of color filters on the sensors. The Bayer array configuration for the filters is popularly used. This requires that the data be interpolated to recover all the scene information. Many existing interpolation (demosaicking) algorithms that can reconstruct the scene use modifications of the bilinear interpolation method, intro-ducing a variety of artifacts in the images. These algorithms have been investi-gated. A new method for restoring these color images using an optimization method known as Mean Field Annealing is introduced using a variety of image prior models. Their performance relative to existing demosaicking methods is included.
Date: 2000-11-29
Degree: MS
Discipline: Electrical Engineering

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