Advancement of Online Systems in Engineering by Expert TA

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Title: Advancement of Online Systems in Engineering by Expert TA
Author: Morton, Jeremy Andrew
Advisors: Dr. Thomas Honeycutt, Committee Member
Dr. Kevin Lyons, Committee Member
Dr. Larry Silverberg, Committee Chair
Dr. Eric Klang, Committee Member
Abstract: This dissertation introduces a new online system called Expert TA. The system was developed based on the hypothesis that expressions are key elements in engineering problems and that the treatment of expressions is critical to the advancement of online systems. This dissertation identifies ergonomic problems with expression entry that Expert TA overcomes through the use of a problem-customize integrated expression editor, called a palate. Then the dissertation shows, using an expression analyzer that operates in the background of Expert TA, that specific mathematical mistakes within an entered expression can now be located. Emulating standard instructional practices, detailed feedback pertaining to specific mistakes and grading on the basis of specific mistakes is now possible.
Date: 2006-09-04
Degree: PhD
Discipline: Mechanical Engineering

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