Complete Spectroscopy of 30P

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Title: Complete Spectroscopy of 30P
Author: Grossmann, Chris Allen
Advisors: Gary E. Mitchell, Co-Chair
John F. Shriner, Jr., Co-Chair
D. Ronald Tilley, Member
Mohamed Bourham, Member
Abstract: Angular distribution measurements of the P reaction were used to assign quantum numbers of levels in P.This research was performed at the High Resolution Laboratory (HRL) at Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory (TUNL).Resonances were measured at five different angles using a High-Purity Germanium detector. The measured angular distributions were compared to calculated angular distribution expressions for different quantum number possibilities.The angular momentum quantum numbers J and parity pi were determined by the relative goodness of these fits.By comparing the reduced matrix elements to the empirically recommended upper limits on transition strengths, the isospin quantum number T was also determined for many states.Remaining ambiguities were removed by comparison of the experimental levels with theoretical shell model calculations and experimental Si levels.The work presented here improved the assignments for approximately 65 states.With a nearly pure and complete level scheme for P between the ground state and EP spectrum were examined.The fluctuations were consistent with a result intermediate between the GOE and Poisson distributions.Within one standard deviation, quantitative measurements of the statistical fluctuations were independent of isospin and consistent with previous Al results.
Date: 1999-11-15
Degree: PhD
Discipline: Physics

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