Macroscopic Models for Shape Memory Alloy Characterization and Design

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Title: Macroscopic Models for Shape Memory Alloy Characterization and Design
Author: Massad, Jordan Elias
Advisors: S. Seelecke, Committee Member
J.M. Redmond, Committee Member
K. Ito, Committee Member
R.C. Smith, Committee Chair
H.T. Tran, Committee Member
Abstract: Shape memory alloys (SMAs) are being considered for a number of high performance applications, such as deformable aircraft wings, earthquake-resistant structures, and microdevices, due to their capability to achieve very high work densities, produce large deformations, and generate high stresses. In general, the material behavior of SMAs is nonlinear and hysteretic. To achieve the full potential of SMA actuators, it is necessary to develop models that characterize the nonlinearities and hysteresis inherent in the constituent materials. Additionally, the design of SMA actuators necessitates the development of control algorithms based on those models. We develop two models that quantify the nonlinearities and hysteresis inherent to SMAs, each in formulations suitable for subsequent control design. In the first model, we employ domain theory to quantify SMA behavior under isothermal conditions. The model involves a single first-order, nonlinear ordinary differential equation and requires as few as seven parameters that are identifiable from measurements. We develop the second model using the Muller-Achenbach-Seelecke framework where a transition state theory of nonequilibrium processes is used to derive rate laws for the evolution of material phase fractions. The fully thermomechanical model predicts rate-dependent, polycrystalline SMA behavior, and it accommodates heat transfer issues pertinent to thin-film SMAs. Furthermore, the model admits a low-order formulation and has a small number of parameters which can be readily identified using attributes of measured data. We illustrate aspects of both models through comparison with experimental bulk and thin-film SMA data.
Date: 2003-09-09
Degree: PhD
Discipline: Applied Mathematics

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