Analysis and Modeling of Wave-current Interaction

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Title: Analysis and Modeling of Wave-current Interaction
Author: Liu, Huiqing
Advisors: Lian Xie, Committee Chair
Gerald S. Janowitz, Committee Member
Leonard J. Pietrafesa, Committee Member
John M. Morrison, Committee Member
Abstract: The main task of this study focuses on studying the effect of wave-current interaction on currents, storm surge and inundation as well as effects of depth-induced wave breaking, wind field and current on waves by using numerical models. The results show that it is important to incorporate the wave-current interaction effect into coastal circulation, storm surge and inundation models. At the same time, it should consider effects of depth-induced wave breaking, wind field, currents and sea surface elevation in prediction of waves. Specially, we found that: (1) Depth-induced wave breaking plays an important role in wave field in shallow water areas; (2) To more properly model the hurricane induced wave field, it is important to consider the asymmetric structure of the hurricane wind field, the changes in the hurricane translation time history, and the incorporation background wind field into hurricane wind field; (3) For SWH, it will be decreased when waves propagate in the following current direction. On the other hand, current will increase the SWH when waves propagate countercurrent direction. The change of wave propagation direction after crossing Gulf Stream depends not only on refraction, but also on others (e.g. trap waves effect). (4) It is important to introduce wave-current effects into any storm surge and inundation prediction modeling system. Specially, the consideration of wave-induced wind stress, bottom shear stress, and 3-D radiation stress in storm surge and inundation modeling can significantly improve the correctness of the prediction.
Date: 2006-11-03
Degree: PhD
Discipline: Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

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