Egyptian Red Slip Pottery at Aila

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Title: Egyptian Red Slip Pottery at Aila
Author: Williams, Cheri Lynne
Advisors: S. Thomas Parker, Committee Chair
Abstract: The Roman Aqaba Project, an archaeological investigation of a Roman port on the Red Sea in southern Jordan, recovered over 500 sherds of Egyptian Red Slip Ware (ERS). This included both ERS A (presumably from the Aswan region of Upper Egypt) and ERS B (from various production centers along the Nile valley). ERS was the second most common imported fine ware found at Aila from the Late Roman and Byzantine periods (3rd through early 7th centuries A.D.), trailing far behind African Red Slip Ware (from Tunisia) but easily exceeding imports of Cypriote Red Slip and Phocaean Red Slip (from the Aegean). The most striking fact about the ERS at Aila is its chronological distribution. In most parts of Palestine and Jordan ERS appears in quantity only in the late 6th and 7th centuries. But at Aila both ERS A and ERS B wares begin appearing in securely attested 3rd century contexts and are most common in the 4th century, long before their appearance in the remainder of the Levant, generally in late 6th and 7th centuries.
Date: 2009-12-02
Degree: MA
Discipline: History

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