Mesh Structures with Tailored Properties and Applications in Hip Stems.

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Title: Mesh Structures with Tailored Properties and Applications in Hip Stems.
Author: Cansizoglu, Omer
Advisors: Dr. Denis Cormier, Committee Member
Dr. Afsaneh Rabiei, Committee Member
Dr. Ola L.A. Harrysson, Committee Chair
Dr. Denis J MArcellin-Little, Committee Co-Chair
Dr. Harvey A. West, Committee Member
Abstract: The purpose of the research has been to develop mesh structures with tailored properties for hip stems. Stress shielding is one of the crucial problems with current hip implants due to the modulus mismatch between the bone and the hip stem. Solid titanium or cobalt-chromium stems are changing the natural stress patterns in the femur. Stresses are transferred through the hip stem and are concentrated more at the distal end of the stem, which weakens the top portion of the femur and overloads the distal portion of the femur. Stress shielding in the long term may result in implant failure due to bone loss, which is costly and painful for the patient. Naturally, biomaterials have tailored structures that display optimal behaviors under tensile, bending and other applied loads. Bones are also tailored to the loading conditions and show stress patterns accordingly. This thesis reports on the development of new hip implants where the mechanical properties of the stems are tailored to match the bone’s properties using open cell structures and mesh structures. Solid free form fabrication techniques are used in this thesis to manufacture parts in the Electron Beam Melting (EBM) by Arcam AB, Sweden. This processing method offers a unique way of making hip stems with mesh and solid sections together in one build. Different designs of hip stems have been manufactured and tested. Their affects on the bones have been analyzed and demonstrated using the Finite Element Analysis (ABAQUS). Hip implants were tested on cadaver bones to measure the difference between mesh stems and solid commercial hip stems. This thesis also includes studies about the mesh quality under different processing conditions, and the applications of structural optimization.
Date: 2009-04-09
Degree: PhD
Discipline: Industrial Engineering

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