Algorithms for Computations in Local Symmetric Spaces

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Title: Algorithms for Computations in Local Symmetric Spaces
Author: Fowler, Jennifer Renee
Advisors: Jack W. Silverstein, Committee Member
Aloysius G. Helminck, Committee Chair
Amassa Fauntleroy, Committee Member
Ernest L. Stitzinger, Committee Member
Abstract: In this thesis, we use finite semisimple Lie theory to compute the structure of a local symmetric space p and its corresponding symmetric space P. Helminck classifies the local symmetric spaces over algebraically closed fields in [Hel88]. Here I extend these first results and write algorithms that implement combinatorial methods to compute `"nice" bases, restricted root systems, multiplicities and restricted Weyl groups for these spaces.
Date: 2003-04-17
Degree: PhD
Discipline: Mathematics

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