Some Cost Effective Techniques for Reducing NOx Emissions at Blue Ridge Paper Company

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Title: Some Cost Effective Techniques for Reducing NOx Emissions at Blue Ridge Paper Company
Author: Theiling, Brent Jason
Advisors: Dr. James W. Leach, Committee Co-Chair
Dr. Kevin M. Lyons, Committee Member
Dr. Herbert M. Eckerlin, Committee Co-Chair
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to aid in the understanding of why various manufacturers in the State of North Carolina have been forced to reduce their emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and how these emissions might be reduced in a cost effective way. Ultimately, it is focused on aiding a paper plant in the western part of the state to obtain a better understanding of the recent legislation that has impacted the plant pertaining to its emissions. The paper begins by offering background information on types of NOx and the health effects they can cause. A more in depth look at the history of pollution control legislation is then considered. Topics such as the Clean Air Act, its amendments in 1990, the National Ambient Air Quality Standards, and the NOx SIP Call are all considered. The State of North Carolina's NOx SIP is assessed, and specific details are quoted as they pertain to industries across the State. Finally, a case study on Blue Ridge Paper is done in an attempt to show how the Federal and State legislation affects individual manufacturers. This case study includes descriptions of various NOx reduction techniques and, identifies those that have particular relevance to Blue Ridge Paper.
Date: 2002-07-17
Degree: MS
Discipline: Mechanical Engineering

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