Travel time estimation from fixed point detector data

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Title: Travel time estimation from fixed point detector data
Author: Yi, Ting
Advisors: Dr. Peter Bloomfield, Committee Member
Dr. Nagui M.Rouphail, Committee Member
Dr. Billy M.Williams, Committee Chair
Dr. Joseph E. Hummer, Committee Member
Abstract: YI, TING. Travel Time Estimation from Fixed Point Detector Data. (Under the direction of Dr. Billy M. Williams). Travel time, as a fundamental measurement for Intelligent Transportation Systems, is becoming increasingly important. Due to the wide deployment of the fixed point detectors on freeways, if travel time can be accurately estimated from point detector data, the indirect estimation method is cost-effective and widely applicable. This dissertation presents a systematic method for accurately estimating the travel time of different freeway links under various traffic conditions using fixed-point detector data. The proposed estimation system is based on a thorough analysis and comparison of the three categories of travel time estimation methods. The applications and limitations of each model are analyzed in terms of theory, equation derivation and possible modifications. Through a simulation study of various freeway links and traffic conditions, the various models have been compared according to performance measurements. The proposed systematic method is tested using both simulation data and real traffic data. A comparison of the estimated results and measurement errors shows the accuracy of the proposed systematic method for estimating the travel times of freeway links under various traffic conditions
Date: 2009-12-23
Degree: PhD
Discipline: Civil Engineering

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