The Leadership Influence of National Board Certified Teachers in Elementary Schools

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Title: The Leadership Influence of National Board Certified Teachers in Elementary Schools
Author: Lynch, Jamee Osborn
Advisors: Lance Fusarelli, Committee Chair
Abstract: This qualitative multiple case study focused on describing the leadership influence of National Board certified teachers in three elementary schools. The study explored how National Board certified teachers exert leadership influence on building-level school improvement and change, and it provides a detailed picture of leadership roles among National Board certified teachers (NBCTs) in three elementary schools in North Carolina school district. The study also provides an analysis on the school factors that seem to serve as either drivers or restrainers in supporting the leadership of National Board certified teachers. Study outcomes illuminate school factors and conditions that nurture and sustain teacher leadership. The study was undertaken using data collected from online surveys, school visits, school achievement data, community profile data, and individual and small focus group interviews. Overarching themes and conclusions were derived from analysis of interviews, school descriptions, community profiles, and school demographic and achievement data. Overall, the study found that National Board certified teachers tend to be teacher leaders, and leadership skills are not necessarily developed through the National Board certification process. Key findings were the critical role of principals in creating a school culture that fosters and supports teacher leaders; the finding that the leadership influence of NBCTs can be found in many arenas and is not necessarily tied to formal leadership roles, and that existing school structures and policy create barriers to deeper, richer teacher leadership roles. The study includes implications and recommendations for policy makers, practitioners, and further research.
Date: 2009-11-16
Degree: EdD
Discipline: Educational Administration and Supervision

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