Model Based Conceptual Communication Design in Coordination Systems

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Title: Model Based Conceptual Communication Design in Coordination Systems
Author: Kuehnen, Stefan Alexander
Advisors: Samuel C Winchester, Chair
Stephen N. Chapman, Member
Timothy G. Clapp, Member
Peter D.F. Kilduff, Member
Abstract: The purpose of this research has been to investigate the feasibility of developing a model-based method for conceptual communication design in coordination systems. Business process modeling methodologies are surveyed and the methodology of choice, Actionworkflow™, is presented. As the basis for method development Language/Action and Speech Act theories, underlying the Actionworkflow™ methodology, are examined for potential concepts aiding the development of the method. Their history and surrounding philosophies are presented. Critique of the Actionworkflow™ methodology is presented and discussed.The major focus of the research is the development of the model-based method to conceptually design communications in coordination systems. Its development, structure and components are presented and explained. The method is illustrated with a simple, everyday-life, application example. Applications of the method to examine web-based e-commerce sites are presented. It has been determined that the application for these environments is insightful. The examples discussed are ebay, an auction provider, e-trade, an on-line broker, and, a purchasing service applying a unique process for the purchase of services and goods. Consequently the application of the method to establish the feasibility of designing coordination support systems for textile new product development is provided. Coordination model development and design of communications are discussed in parallel. Application results show that the method can successfully be used for conceptually designing coordination support systems, although practical issues have to be further investigated.Finally underlying assumptions are displayed and discussed, model validation provided, performance evaluation, as to the goals set forth for the research undertaken, and recommendations for future research provided.
Date: 2001-04-06
Degree: PhD
Discipline: Textile Management and Technology

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