Single Parents in the University

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Title: Single Parents in the University
Author: Vann-Johnson, Joan Deniese
Advisors: Dr. Wynetta Lee, Committee Chair
Dr. Duane Akroyd, Committee Co-Chair
Dr. Crystal Muhammad, Committee Member
Dr. John Pettitt, Committee Member
Abstract: This qualitative study explores the academic experiences of single-parent undergraduate students at North Carolina Central University. The world of single parents is one of children, employers and themselves. When the parent adds the role of student, educational demands may be difficult to balance. Family and work responsibilities may interfere with educational attainment. This study suggests that the experiences of single-parent undergraduate students consist of complex roles and responsibilities. Yet, with a solid commitment, a reduction in daily situational barriers, and faculty, staff and family support, these students are capable of attaining educational goals.
Date: 2004-04-19
Degree: EdD
Discipline: Adult and Community College Education

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