On The Solvable Length of Associative Algebras, Matrix Groups, and Lie Algebras

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Title: On The Solvable Length of Associative Algebras, Matrix Groups, and Lie Algebras
Author: Wood, Lisa M
Advisors: Dr. Ernie Stitzinger, Committee Chair
Abstract: Let A be an algebraic system with product a*b between elements a and b in A. It is of interest to compare the solvable length t with other invariants, for instance size, order, or dimension of A. Thus we ask, for a given t what is the smallest n such that there is an A of length t and invariant n. It is this problem that we consider for associative algebras, matrix groups, and Lie algebras. We consider A in each case to be subsets of (strictly) upper triangular n by n matrices. Then the invariant is n. We do these for the associative (Lie) algebras of all strictly upper triangular n by n matrices and for the full n by n upper triangular unipotent groups. The answer for n is the same in all cases. Then we restrict the problem to a fixed number of generators. In particular, using only 3 generators and we get the same results for matrix groups and Lie algebras as for the earlier problem. For associative algebras with 1 generator we also get the same result as the general associative algebra case. Finally we consider Lie algebras with 2 generators and here n is larger than in the general case. We also consider the problem of finding the dimension in the associative algebra, the general, and 3 generator Lie algebra cases.
Date: 2004-10-28
Degree: PhD
Discipline: Applied Mathematics
URI: http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/resolver/1840.16/5460

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