Perception-Based Development and PerformanceTesting of a Non-Linear Map Display

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Title: Perception-Based Development and PerformanceTesting of a Non-Linear Map Display
Author: Mountjoy, Daniel Neal
Advisors: James R. Wilson, Co-Chair
Sharolyn A. Converse, Co-Chair
William P. Marshak, Member
Celestine A. Ntuen, Member
Abstract: The use of non-linear display methodologies has been successfullydemonstrated in a number of text- based and simple, graphic networkapplications; however, most studies have focused on computationalefficiency with very little attention to human perceptual limitations.While the benefits of non-linear displays are purported to be due toadditional context with no loss of required detail, reports of end-userperformance gains have been limited at best. This research entailed thedesign of a non-linear tactical map display, where the distortionparameters were based upon empirical test results of navigation- relatedtasks combining various scales and distortion techniques. A total ofthree experiments were conducted: two to define the non-linear display parameters, and the third to attempt to validate the display through aperformance test using military participants. Results indicate thatadditional scales can indeed be combined on the same map surface with nosignificant penalty in navigation accuracy. However, there may be aresponse time difference depending on the particular distortion techniqueapplied. A modified fisheye distortion proved to be better suited to thistask environment than a Cartesian bifocal distortion. Performance testingversus a traditional, pan and zoom display interface yielded nodifferences in navigation task accuracy or response times. However, theexpected gain in random event detection (through display of additionalcontext) was not evident.
Date: 2001-05-03
Degree: PhD
Discipline: Industrial Engineering

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