Nilpotent N-Lie Algebras

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Title: Nilpotent N-Lie Algebras
Author: Williams, Michael Peretzian
Advisors: Dr. Ernie Stitzinger, Committee Chair
Abstract: In 1986, Kasymov introduced the concept of nilpotent $n$-Lie algebras, proved an analogue of Engel's Theorem and later proved an analog of Jacobson's refinement of Engel's Theorem. Despite these achievements, the subject of nilpotency in $n$-Lie algebras has not been examined in great detail in the literature since. We shall explore the concept of nilpotent $n$-Lie algebras by examining, and proving where possible, other classical nilpotent group theory and nilpotent Lie algebra results, in the $n$-Lie algebra setting.
Date: 2004-02-17
Degree: PhD
Discipline: Mathematics

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