Activity-based Evaluation of Operations Management within Service Operations Organization

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Title: Activity-based Evaluation of Operations Management within Service Operations Organization
Author: Shaver, Kay A.
Advisors: Dr. John Dutton, Chair
Dr. Ann McDermed, Member
Dr. Thomas Johnson, Member
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to use historical cross-sectional data including order characteristics to predict the time requirements of the indirect activity of managing. The subject of the study is the Operations Manager, who manages the supervision of engineering and installation of orders. Predictions of time estimates for the Operations Manager will provide information for staffing and workforce planning of the indirect activities required to manage the forecasted order workload. The research includes a pilot survey of Operations Managers in three regions and a final empirical study, which includes the entire Service Organization's Operations Manager population. Using regression analysis, the study evaluates the factors noted in the pilot survey as important to the Operations Managers. Consideration is given to order characteristics, such as size, customer relationships, schedule changes, interval, Operations Manager assigned. Consideration is also given to general characteristics, such as seasonal effects, concurrent orders, experienced installers available, and inventory levels. The analysis reveals that category of work, size of the order as measured by number of frames, seasonal impacts, the Operations Manager assigned, customer relationships, and the effort required to underspend the budget are key predictors of the time required to manage the supervision of the engineering and installation of orders. The results indicate interval, inventory, schedule changes and experienced installers available are not significant indicators of this indirect order activity.
Date: 1998-04-20
Degree: MA
Discipline: Economics

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