Trust in Leadership: The Role of Implicit Leadership Theory Congruence

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Title: Trust in Leadership: The Role of Implicit Leadership Theory Congruence
Author: Hess, Clara Eileen
Advisors: Dr. Samuel B. Pond, III, Committee Chair
Dr. S. Bartholomew Craig , Committee Member
Dr. John W. Fleenor, Committee Member
Dr. Adam W. Meade, Committee Member
Abstract: Research on trust has increased in recent years as has research on implicit leadership theory (ILT). However, there is a paucity of research on the relationship between ILT and trust in leadership. The purpose of this research was to investigate three antecedents of trust in leadership; ability, benevolence, and integrity. In addition, I explored how a) leader-follower ILT congruence and b) congruence between follower ILT and their perceptions of leaders’ ILT relevant behaviors relate to ability, benevolence, and integrity. Results are based on a sample of 308 temporary summer camp employees who completed the study questionnaires at two time points. Results indicated that ability, benevolence, and integrity were all related to trust in leadership. Leader-follower ILT congruence was related to ability and benevolence, but not integrity. Congruence between follower ILT and leaders’ ILT relevant behaviors was related to ability and integrity, but not benevolence. This study extended the previous work on trust and ILTs. Implications of the results and future research directions are discussed
Date: 2010-04-28
Degree: PhD
Discipline: Psychology

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