Brand Congruity and Purchase Intentions of Runners

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Title: Brand Congruity and Purchase Intentions of Runners
Author: Leksrisompong, Chanatip
Advisors: Trevor J. Little, Committee Co-Chair
Nancy L. Cassill, Committee Co-Chair
Traci M. Lamar, Committee Member
Kimberly S. Weems, Committee Member
Abstract: Running continues to be one of the more popular sports enjoyed by all ages. Regardless of the popularity of the sport, limited research currently exists to quantify the apparel purchase behavior of runners. This research studied variables that influenced purchase intentions of runners at different levels of involvement. The runners were categorized by the dualistic theory of passion, and their purchase intentions toward apparel brands for running were investigated from the self-congruity perspective. Runners completed an online survey that provided comprehensive information on their running behavior and their past and future apparel purchases. Exploratory factor analysis was used to investigate the dualistic theory of passion and self-congruity theory on the running population. Four variables were found to be important predictors of purchase intentions for all runners: Self-Image Congruence, Function, Aesthetic, and Technology Appeal. Further, logistic regression was used to determine which variables significantly influenced purchase intentions of runners in each category. Based on the findings, a theoretical framework was proposed. This study concluded that functional attributes of running apparel influence runners’ purchase intentions.
Date: 2010-04-29
Degree: PhD
Discipline: Textile Technology Management

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