Consumer Response to Design Elements within Digitally Printed Apparel Products

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Title: Consumer Response to Design Elements within Digitally Printed Apparel Products
Author: Moser, Carrie Alison
Advisors: Professor Charles E. Joyner, Committee Member
Professor Nancy B. Powell, Committee Member
Dr. Cynthia L. Istook, Committee Chair
Abstract: As an emerging technology in the textile industry, digital printing allows the capability to print photo-realistic images on fabric that were never before possible with traditional textile printing methods. The possible consumer response to apparel products with digitally printed imagery is a largely unexplored topic that may be vital to the success of digital printing in the textile industry. The intent of this research was to determine what demographic characteristics, if any, may affect a general consumer's preferences concerning apparel products with digitally printed patterns. Eight photographic patterns were created and validated by design professionals concerning their representation of four basic design elements (line, shape, value, texture). An internet survey tool was developed to collect demographic data and determine general consumers' preferences for specific patterns when applied to six different gender specific apparel products. The subjects' choices were evaluated based on their pattern choices, the garments on which they were chosen, and subject demographics. The results of this research indicated that certain consumers prefer specific design elements within a printed pattern when purchasing apparel products, as well as specific garment styles in combination with these design elements. Some variables such as subject age and garment style had a great impact on which patterns were chosen, including the design elements represented in each pattern. The results of this research indicate the importance of the product design and development process of digitally printed apparel products.
Date: 2004-06-11
Degree: MS
Discipline: Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management

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