Combined Effects of Dilution and Co-flow on the Stability of Lifted Non-premixed Gaseous Flames

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Title: Combined Effects of Dilution and Co-flow on the Stability of Lifted Non-premixed Gaseous Flames
Author: Wilson, David Andrew
Advisors: Kevin Lyons, Committee Chair
Richard Johnson, Committee Member
Taofang Zeng, Committee Member
Abstract: This research documents experiments and analysis of turbulent, lifted, non-premixed diffusion flames in co-flow and with dilution with implications for the development and operation of biogas-fueled combustors. Fuels used in this study were methane and ethylene. The diluent used was nitrogen. General trends were observed in the liftoff and reattachment behavior as affected by dilution of the fuel stream. Initial liftoff velocity was observed to decrease linearly with dilution, while initial lift height behavior was bimodal. Reattachment conditions were similar in overall behavior to liftoff conditions. Co-flow effects were not included in liftoff and reattachment studies. Combined effects of dilution and co-flow were also studied. Stabilization height compared to radial stabilization was found to be bimodal, with behavior differing in the potential core region compared with the far-field region. Dilution was found to decrease the radial stabilization distance, and co-flow tended to increase the radial stabilization distance. However, both effects were minor. The major results involve heat release effects. For given stabilization heights, stabilization velocity was found to decrease with dilution faster than laminar burning velocity with dilution. Stabilization height was also found to increase rapidly with dilution beyond a certain diluent concentration. Flames were also found to taper inward and become more cylindrical in shape as dilution increases. Implications for several flame stabilization theories are discussed. Future work for confirming the results of this research are also discussed.
Date: 2005-04-27
Degree: MS
Discipline: Mechanical Engineering

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