Design and Modeling of a Mars Tumbleweed Rover

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Title: Design and Modeling of a Mars Tumbleweed Rover
Author: Wilson, Jamie Leigh Miss
Advisors: Dr. Andre P. Mazzoleni, Committee Chair
Dr. Fred DeJarnette, Committee Member
Dr. Ashok Gopalarathnam, Committee Member
Abstract: A Mars Tumbleweed Rover is a spherical, wind driven, planetary rover. Compared with conventional rovers, a tumbleweed rover can travel further faster and gain access to areas such as valleys and chasms that previously were inaccessible. This paper will present results of the design, testing, mathematical modeling, and computer simulation of a tumbleweed rover propelled by a constant wind loading over a rough surface representing the planet's surface. Results will show different trajectories for specific cases where initial conditions such as mass distribution and angular velocity are varied.
Date: 2007-07-24
Degree: MS
Discipline: Aerospace Engineering

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