Simple Strategies to Improve Data Warehouse Performance

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Title: Simple Strategies to Improve Data Warehouse Performance
Author: Mathews, Reena
Advisors: Dr. Robert B. Handfield, Committee Chair
Dr. Yahya Fathi, Committee Co-Chair
Dr. Negash Medhin, Committee Member
Abstract: Data warehouse management is fast becoming one of the most popular and important topics in industries today. For business executives, it promises significant competitive advantage for their companies, while presenting the information system managers a way to overcome the obstructions in providing business information to managers and other users. Here the company is going through the problem of inefficient performance of its data warehouse. To find an appropriate solution to this problem we first try to understand the data warehouse concept and its basic architecture, followed by an in depth study of the company data warehouse and the various issues affecting it. We propose and evaluate a set of solutions including classification of suppliers, implementing corporate commodity classification and coding system, obtaining level three spend details for PCard purchases, etc. The experimental results show considerable improvement in the data quality and the data warehouse performance. We further support these recommendations by evaluating the return on investment for improved quality data. Lastly, we discuss the future scope and other possible improvement techniques for obtaining better results.
Date: 2004-08-16
Degree: MS
Discipline: Operations Research

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