The Effects of Relational Teaching and Attitudes on Mathematics Anxiety.

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Title: The Effects of Relational Teaching and Attitudes on Mathematics Anxiety.
Author: Kidd, Janice Seate
Advisors: Karen Norwood, Committee Chair
Ernest Stitzinger, Committee Co-Chair
John Kolb, Committee Co-Chair
Abstract: While mathematics anxiety continues to affect people of all ages, researchers continue to look for effective methods of reducing it. This thesis provides a brief introduction to mathematics anxiety, including background, and causes and preventions according to experiences researchers and educators have had. The main purpose of this thesis is to look at research on the effectiveness of relational teaching as a means for reducing mathematics anxiety. Research on teachers? attitudes and how they affect students' attitudes toward mathematics as well as students' mathematics anxiety is also examined. Evidence from available studies on relational teaching and its effectiveness at reducing mathematics anxiety indicated inconclusive results. Furthermore, evidence from available studies on teacher attitudes and their effects on students' attitudes toward mathematics and their mathematics anxiety indicated inconclusive results as well.
Date: 2003-09-03
Degree: MS
Discipline: Mathematics Education

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