Natural Resources, Permaculture, and the Permaculturist

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Title: Natural Resources, Permaculture, and the Permaculturist
Author: Meech, Heather-Diane
Abstract: The field of permaculture is new in title, old in practice, sparse in peer-reviewed scientific research and broad in definition. This article addresses two perspectives that are essential to understanding both the breadth of permaculture and the importance of natural resources to permaculture. The first perspective examines the gestalt of permaculture as an integrated organized whole, as well as the subcategories of Socio-Cultural Permaculture (SCPC) and Physical-Biological Permaculture (PBPC). These subcategories focus on the cultural and the natural science aspects of permaculture. The second perspective examines the basic framework of PBPC, which is built upon natural resources, the connections between these natural resources, and the permaculture network created by these connections. This clarifies whole permaculture and its subcategories, recognizes why natural resource networks are essential to the theory of PBPC, and clarifies how this information is essential to permaculturalists.
Date: 2016-08

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