Enhancing Streets and Lives; North Carolina's Move to Complete Streets, A Review

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Title: Enhancing Streets and Lives; North Carolina's Move to Complete Streets, A Review
Author: Dellinger, Carson
Abstract: ABSTRACT Dellinger, Carson. North Carolina State University Master's Degree of Environmental Assessment. Enhancing Streets and Lives: North Carolina's Move to Complete Streets, A Review. Complete Streets are a concept of roadway design that includes elements and features that provide for the safe and convenient passage of all people and modes of transportation. It is well documented that Complete Streets reduce traffic accidents, contribute to community health and safety, increase real estate values, and increase bicycle and pedestrian use of roadways. For these reasons, many cities and states in the USA have adopted Complete Streets policies, including the State of North Carolina (NC). This study aims to understand the impact of NC’s adoption of the Complete Streets policy on roadways across the state by reviewing active State roadway projects since the adoption of the policy. A sample of NC Department of Transportation (NC DOT) project plans of a specific type were reviewed for the inclusion of Complete Street design elements. Over 30 percent of the reviewed NC DOT projects included design elements of Complete Streets, with sidewalks being the most common of the design elements. Local government participation may be the impetus for the inclusion of Complete Streets design elements in roadway projects.
Date: 2017-12-14
URI: http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/resolver/1840.20/34910

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