The Ten Views of West Lake

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Title: The Ten Views of West Lake
Author: Duan, Xiaolin
Abstract: By investigating how the Ten Views of West Lake was envisioned, presented, and circulated during the Song, this chapter explores how visual and material cultures in this case were closely tied to both cultural geography and urban life.
Description: Published in: Visual and Material Cultures in Middle Period China Series: Sinica Leidensia, Volume: 137 Editors: Patricia Buckley Ebrey and Susan Shih-shan Huang Eight studies examine key features of Chinese visual and material cultures, ranging from tomb design, metalware, ceramic pillows, and bronze mirrors, to printed illustrations, calligraphic rubbings, colophons, and paintings on Buddhist, landscape, and narrative themes. Questions addressed include how artists and artisans made their works, the ways both popular literature and market forces could shape ways of looking, and how practices and imagery spread across regions. The authors connect visual materials to funeral and religious practices, drama, poetry, literati life, travel, and trade, showing ways visual images and practices reflected, adapted to, and reproduced the culture and society around them. Readers will gain a stronger appreciation of the richness of the visual and material cultures of Middle Period China.
Publisher: Brill
Date: 2017-01-01
Citation: Duan, Xiaolin. “The Ten Views of West Lake.” In Visual and Material Cultures in Middle Period China, edited by Susan Shi-shan Huang and Patricia Ebrey, 151–90. Brill Press, 2017.
URI: 10.1163/9789004349377_006

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