Other as Spectacle: Women, Queerness, and the Male Gaze

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Title: Other as Spectacle: Women, Queerness, and the Male Gaze
Author: Fisher, Sara
Advisors: Todd Berreth
Pat Fitzgerald
Tania Allen
Abstract: This project, Other as Spectacle, aims to create an interactive installation that explores what it is like to be othered by the male gaze, and through the experience establish a new understanding in the viewer the harm the male gaze has on women and queer individuals. The theme of the work surrounds the concept of a masquerade—the user steps in front of an interactive projection and finds themselves in the role of the ‘outsider.’ The viewer will face their own reflection in a mirror, and witness as their image is distorted—their reflection on the screen slowly morphing into the figure of a monster as the characters on the screen gawk at them.
Date: 05-2020
Degree: M.A.D.
Discipline: Art + Design
URI: https://www.lib.ncsu.edu/resolver/1840.20/39983

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