Tourism and National Parks in Chile: Curriculum Development for a Tourism and Management Program

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Title: Tourism and National Parks in Chile: Curriculum Development for a Tourism and Management Program
Author: Bot, Genevieve
Abstract: Abstract The tourism sector in Chile has seen a steady rate of growth over the past two decades. Because of the vast geo-diversity and bio-diversity present in Chile, it is a region that can be developed sustainably for tourism. Educational development in park management for tourism is a key player in sustainable economic development for tourism. This project was initiated to increase efficient and effective management of natural resources and conservation efforts in Chilean national parks by understanding the tourism education needs and opportunities. The project then sought to provide alternatives and guidance for developing an undergraduate curriculum in park management for tourism. The project identified methods of education that exist including a comprehensive analysis of curricula from the United States, a brief analysis of curricula outside of the United States, and existing articles on educational needs. Prominent trends that will need to be addressed in a curriculum include increased tourism from population growth, sustainable tourism for economic development, indigenous rights, global environmental change, and an increase in on the ground training offered by organizations. Presently, on the job training such as internships are used to expand competencies that are not sufficiently covered in formal education such as degree programs and they have been successful in doing so. Communications will need expansion within curricula as well as ecotourism based courses. An overarching theme throughout the literature and surveys that should be incorporated into a degree program is that Chilean managers will need to have a good understanding of local interests and culture because ecological problem solving should focus on the communities that use the ecosystems. Further research will need to look at implementation for a program in park and recreation management.
Publisher: North Carolina State University. College of Natural Resources
Date: 2011-05-26
Series/Report No.: Master of Natural Resources Professional Papers (North Carolina State University. College of Natural Resources)

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