Development and Evaluation of Human Longitudinal Time-Location-Activity Data

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Title: Development and Evaluation of Human Longitudinal Time-Location-Activity Data
Author: Hill, Zeke
Abstract: Development and Evaluation of Human Longitudinal Time-Location-Activity Data Abstract In order to properly determine one’s exposure to hazardous pollutants, it is critical to understand our surroundings and the types of activities that we as humans perform that influence our exposure. Individuals that specialize in exposure modeling use cross section data containing individual activity patterns from tools such as the Consolidated Human Activity Database (CHAD). Over the years, experts have addressed the need to further improve our methods in representing human activity patterns and improving the quality of human activity patterns that are used for exposure modeling. Presented here in is a review of 45 human activity diaries that were completed by graduate school students enrolled in Environmental Assessment 503 during the fall 2011 and 2013 semesters. Each diary completed by the student was reviewed for quality purposes and the corresponding activity / micro-environmental codes were assigned to each individual for consistency purposes. The time spent within the following micro environments were evaluated for analysis; time spent outdoors, time spent indoors and time spent within a vehicle. In addition, the following groups of individuals were evaluated; females, males and particular age groups. For these particular microenvironments, the intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) and lag-one autocorrelation (A) was calculated. The overall ICC values ranged from .27 through .29 and the A values ranged from -.09 through .03. Overall, the ICC values were somewhat higher and the A values were lower than what was predicted prior to performing study compared to a similar study performed by a similar longitudinal activity data analysis. Based on the analysis the group of individuals show are large degree of within person variability with unique differences.
Date: 2014-05

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