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The NC State Repository is a node in the research infrastructure that gathers and makes visible online intellectual outputs of the NC State University research and learning community. The Libraries works with university departments, units and individuals to curate, describe, and make accessible products of research and intellectual effort through a series of services, including:
  • Advising on best practices for sharing research and scholarship
  • Providing storage
  • Promoting access
  • Enhancing discovery
  • Ensuring preservation

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Recent Submissions

Development of a Data Fusion Methodology for Lineload Aerodynamic Databases for a Launch Vehicle during Liftoff and Transition.
(2023-12-15) Wignall, Thomas Jeffrey; Tarek Echekki, Co-Chair; Jack Edwards, Co-Chair; Hong Luo, Member; Jeremy Pinier, External; Ralph Smith, Member
Knowledge Graphs for Identifying Manufacturing Service Partners in a Digital Supply Chain Network.
(2023-11-10) Li, Yunqing; Yuan-Shin Lee, Co-Chair; Binil Starly, Co-Chair; Kook Han, Graduate School Representative; Kemafor Ogan, Member; Paul Cohen, Member
Strengthening HBCU Partnerships: A Narrative Inquiry Study of HBCU Leaders’ Collaboration with External Corporate Partners.
(2024-03-11) Lawrence, Cherrelle A.; Carrol Adams Warren, Chair; Pamela Senegal, Member; Tamara Young, Member; Rufus Glasper, Member
Game Theoretic and Machine Learning-based Honeyfile and Honeypot System in Enterprise Networks. .
(2023-11-16) Zhu, Mu; Munindar Singh, Chair; William Enck, Member; Khaled Abdel Harfoush, Member; Rudra Dutta, Member; Jin-Hee Cho, External
Delivering Nucleic Acid Therapeutics: Investigations on Exon-skipping and Splice-switching or Frameshifting Oligonucleotide Therapy for the Treatment of Allergic and Mast Cell-related Diseases.
(2022-12-06) Snider, Douglas Byron; Glenn Cruse, Co-Chair; Samuel Jones, Co-Chair; John Cullen, Member; Adam Fahrenholz, Graduate School Representative; James Bonner, Member