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The NC State Repository is a node in the research infrastructure that gathers and makes visible online intellectual outputs of the NC State University research and learning community. The Libraries works with university departments, units and individuals to curate, describe, and make accessible products of research and intellectual effort through a series of services, including:
  • Advising on best practices for sharing research and scholarship
  • Providing storage
  • Promoting access
  • Enhancing discovery
  • Ensuring preservation

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Recent Submissions

Investigating the Role of Fructose Metabolism on Macrophage Function and Phenotype.
(2023-06-02) Lodge, Mareca Rashell; Arion Midgett, Chair; Melanie Simpson, Member; Xiaojing Liu, Member; Scott Laster, Member; Matthew Koci, Member
Study of Isonitrile-forming Enzymes and Their Applications.
(2023-07-12) Chen, Tzu-Yu; Wei-Chen Chang, Chair; Caroline Proulx, Member; Reza Ghiladi, Member; Vincent Lindsay, Member; Xiaojing Liu, Member
Real time Integration of Ultrasound-Imaging Derived Muscle Contractility in Closed Loop Control of Functional Electrical Stimulation and a Powered Exoskeleton.
(2023-06-29) Iyer, Ashwin; Nitin Sharma, Chair; He Huang, Member; Daniel Roque, Inter-Institutional; Caterina Gallippi, Member; Christopher Vermillion, Graduate School Representative
Characterizing the Effect of pH and Molecular Structure on the Reactions of Catechol and Hydroquinone with Birnessite.
(2024-06-27) Atkins, Benjamin Covington; Hui Li, Chair; Owen Duckworth, Member; Elon Ison, Member
Universal Density Shift Coefficients for Hydrodynamic Transport Properties of a Unitary Fermi Gas.
(2024-06-24) Li, Xiang; John Thomas, Chair; Chueng Ji, Member; Thomas Schaefer, Member; Xiaoning Jiang, Member