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The NC State Repository is a node in the research infrastructure that gathers and makes visible online intellectual outputs of the NC State University research and learning community. The Libraries works with university departments, units and individuals to curate, describe, and make accessible products of research and intellectual effort through a series of services, including:
  • Advising on best practices for sharing research and scholarship
  • Providing storage
  • Promoting access
  • Enhancing discovery
  • Ensuring preservation

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Recent Submissions

Understanding Profiles of Potential NC Retirees
(2024) Savage, Ann Elizabeth; Knollenberg, Whitney
Influence of Mn and Fe on the Chemistry of As Mobilization in North Carolina Piedmont Aquifer Solids.
(2024-05-06) Peel, Hannah Ruth; Owen Duckworth, Chair; Matthew Ricker, Member; David Genereux, Member; David Vinson, External; Matthew Polizzotto, External; Daniela Jones, Graduate School Representative; Hui Li, Member
The Phylogenomics and Ecoinformatics of Mosquito Taxa.
(2024-05-03) Sither, Charles Benedict; Brian Wiegmann, Chair; Jeffrey Thorne, Member; David Rasmussen, Member; Michael Reiskind, Member; Gavin Conant, Member
Data-driven Health Prognostics for Lithium-ion Battery.
(2024-04-26) Wang, Rui; Mengmeng Zhu, Chair; Jeffrey Joines, Member; Karen Chen, Member; Minh Tang, Minor; Eunkyoung Shim, Member
The Effects of Oyster Reefs on the Hydro-Morphodynamic Characteristics in Estuaries.
(2024-04-25) Thomas, Melody Amber; Celso Castro Bolinaga, Co-Chair; Steven Hall, Co-Chair; Grace Massey, Member; Jay Levine, Member; Brandon Puckett, Minor