Agroforestry Technology Transfer in Los Rios, Chile: Analysis of Rural Farmers’ Response to Outreach and Education

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Master of Natural Resources Professional Papers (North Carolina State University. College of Natural Resources)

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North Carolina State University. College of Natural Resources


Gonzalez-Jeuck, Grizel. Master of Natural Resources – International Resources Agroforestry Technology Transfer in Los Rios, Chile: Analysis of Rural Farmers’ Response to Outreach and Education Owing to their commitment to sustainable development, Chile has implemented education and outreach programs to motivate rural farmers to implement agroforestry methods. Follow-up visits to farmers who had received outreach services revealed that while some farmers had successfully implemented the methods introduced, other farmers expressed confusion about the processes or appeared as though they had never received outreach materials. A qualitative, multiple method study was conducted, utilizing SWOT analysis design to survey farmers who had received agroforestry outreach materials in San Jose de la Mariquina. Written outreach materials were also analyzed to establish design and readability appropriateness. Analysis of current written outreach materials indicate that they are not suitable for theintended audience and that design elements such as font and picture size, use of technical language and the number of concepts covered should be revised. In addition, survey responses suggest that agencies should incorporate alternate modes of communication, such as mobile phones and radio as a means of bolstering outreach efforts. Finally, results from the SWOT analysis reveal that respondents tend to have a positive attitude toward benefits associated with agroforestry and they show interest in learning about agroforestry methods. However, inconsistent delivery of written materials and continued tensions between Mapuche stakeholders and the Chilean government pertaining to land use and development pose threats to outreach efforts. Further analysis of outreach methods in other regions is needed determine generalization of this study’s findings.



technology transfer, agroforestry, SWOT analysis, constructivist learning, rural farmers