A review of microgrids ability to enhance readiness for military and first responders

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Bunch, Wendell. A review of microgrids ability to enhance readiness for military and first responders (Under the direction of Dr. Elizabeth Nichols) Microgrids are a relatively new and promising technology that will benefit the DoD community and first responders by providing reliable energy in times of disaster. Currently, minimal research exists highlighting best practices for this technology at both the micro and macro level for these specific industries. The majority of information on constructed microgrids in either of these organizations focus heavily on diesel generator based systems and research on additional microgrid formats exists only in simulations or are theoretical in nature. The most limiting factors for this research is the inadequate information on military microgrid specifications, military infrastructure, emergency equipment specification, and cost of the system. The purpose of this review is to compare microgrid implementation for disaster response forces and the military to conventional power and identify best practices to gain additional capabilities for these vulnerable populations. Many new technologies and simulated modeling are able to forecast the impact of these microgrids and their influence on future disaster response efforts. Design factors such as focusing on system resiliency will minimize down time during these events and mitigate any second and third order events from increasing the disaster intensity.