Implementation of Directive 2008/1/EC concerning the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control in Kosovo: the IPPC permit

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ABSTRACT ALLA, ARTA. Implementation of Directive 2008/1/EC concerning Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control in Kosovo: the IPPC permit. (Under the direction of Linda R. Taylor) The European Union seeks to control and prevent industrial pollution within its member states, and requires those countries seeking to join the EU to abide by these rules as well. The EU has regulated the emissions of large industrial installations through Directive 2008/1/EC, which serves as an EU-wide legal requirement. This directive represents a holistic approach to prevent, reduce or eliminate industrial pollution originating from industrial activities by addressing each source of pollution emanating from the entire industrial process. Directive 2008/1/EC requires large industrial installations to obtain an Integrated Pollution and Prevention Control (IPPC) permit which defines the emission limit values and other obligations for companies to reduce pollution. This is an inclusive and involved process which requires substantial expertise. Countries which are seeking to enter the EU must also implement Directive 2008/1/EC and its involved processes. Kosovo is a country newly formed from the former Yugoslavia and has a legacy of low environmental protections in the past. The Kosovo Government has recently had its first application for an IPPC permit. It had to create a process to comply with the Directive, with which the author participated, but as a new, post-conflict country, it encountered numerous obstacles due to this environmental regulation. This paper highlights those difficulties and challenges and offers some recommendations which were identified during the implementation process.



IPPC, EU membership