Enhancing Reading Comprehension Skills through the Graphic Novel Medium An Experimentation on How the Design of a Literary Graphic Novel Can Support and Help Users with their Reading Comprehension Skills

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This project focuses on enhancing reading comprehension skills using the construction elements of the graphic novel medium by transcribing a literary story that has yet to be visualized. Traditional literature in education uses mainly text however visuals are being used more frequently in everyday materials such as textbooks. The transition of society is becoming primarily visual and the need to become visually literate is more of a necessity. Remediation is the act or process that involves improving the conditions of its predecessors. Books have been adapted into non-text forms such as audio, film, animation, and plays. According to the National Council of Teachers of English/International Reading Association’s standards for English language arts, reading comprehension is best practiced using multiple tools because the preferred learning style of individuals vary. As books continue to be remediated the graphic novel medium has been gaining popularity and slowly being accepted as more than just a tool for entertainment. Therefore, this project helps readers improve their reading comprehension skills by the page compositions used in graphic novels.







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