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The Property owner is interested in maintaining a partially forested property for aesthetics and bequest value. The owner does not use his forested areas directly. The purpose of this plan is to qualify this property for present use valuation. The forested areas on the track must be brought into a healthy, productive and responsibly managed state to qualify. The property is located in the central Piedmont of North Carolina and is approximately 75 acres of which 43 is in the management plan. The managed area has been delineated into 4 stands based on age, soils, topography and vegetative type. None of the stands on this tract are being managed for timber presently. Management areas include upland oaks, yellow pine, oak-pine forest cover types and an early successional stand dominated by five-year-old pines with grasses, vines, and hardwood advance and advanced reproduction. The hardwood and pine-hardwood mix stands will be managed for adequate stocking levels while maintaining growth vigor. The early successional stand will be managed for natural pine in monoculture. The operations performed will be paid for by the income from harvested timber and Southern Pine Beetle Prevention Program funds in the case of the young pine stand for its pre-commercial thinning. As this is a smaller property, operations will only be performed when every stand on the property is ready to be harvested together to make the sale more marketable. The timber on the property is currently worth approximately $107,313.23. The recommended silvicultural prescriptions will result in a NPV of $95,918.00 over the next 30 years. The use of conservation forestry on this property not only provides the owner with aesthetic benefits but also ensures the resources on the property are carried forward for the benefit of future generations.