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Microwave and RF Design 15923
The Identification and Assessment of Intercultural Competence as a Student Outcome of Internationalization at Institutions of Higher Education in the United States 489
Old-time Telephones: History, Design, Technology, Restoration 405
Computer simulation techniques : the definitive introduction! 311
Psychometric Properties of the Parenting Stress Index - Short Form 277
Personality Type (MBTI) Relationship to Performance and Satisfaction in Web-based Instruction (WBI) 273
An Analysis of Fashion and Costume Design Processes 263
Hamlet's Fathers: An Analysis of Paternity and Filial Duty in Shakespeare's "Hamlet" 238
Design Rule Development for FreePDK15: An Open Source Predictive Process Design Kit for 15nm FinFET Devices. 232
Environmental Enrichment for Captive Eastern Box Turtles (Terrapene carolina carolina) 192